Sunday, February 20, 2011

A chess shot

A chess shot from yesterday.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, i forgot to tell you, that every single picture posted on this blog is taken by me! and no one else.


  1. is that plastic? so shiny. also. all black on the background lol imminent rape.

  2. you should watermark your images btw. Seriously. Otherwise people can take and just re-use willy nilly.

  3. I think it is wood tbh!
    haha, i take that as a compliment. But i do not like to watermark my images. people can use them as they want to, all I ask in return is them giving the credits to me!

    thank you guys for commenting!

  4. Ahh keep up the good imagery work! Looking forward to next post!

  5. This looks promising, I hope to see more

    P.S. Captcha (word verification) is enabled

  6. I am an amateur photographer myself. I like the composition of this shot, but you might want to either check the white balance on the camera or do some post cleanup in PS or other editing software. New follower to see how you progress.

  7. Thank you all!
    C.M > It is the ISO you may be talking about. I guess the ISO is pumped up a bit too high.